Who is B Mickie BMF in Real Life?

B Mickie is one of the major charactor in a black-crime drama series named BMF. This show is based on the real stories revovled around Black Mafia Family. The series has been well acclaimed among the audiences hence people are quite eager to know the characters in real life. Audiences are quite eager to see pictures of B Mickie in real life. B Mickie is being played by actor Myles Truitt in the series BMF. 

In the below video you will see real D.Meeks explaining about their childhood and how they have grown up in the surroundings. 

According to the tv show, B Mickie is the third original gangster in the drug crew of Meech and Terry. Overtime, However B Mickie gets bored and rivaliry was brewing in between the gangster as B Mickie was asked to obey Flenory's demand thereby causing conflict in their partnership.

Where is B Mickie From BMF Now? 

D Meeks/B Mickie's character is still in its infancy, In BMF, B Mickie was last seen with Kato after he slept with her. 

Story of Michaela Romanini - Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Celebrities these days are pretty much obsessed with plastic surgeries. Well, the industry demands plastic surgery these days. The Kardashians are the biggest examples before us, what a plastic surgery could do to a career (on a positive note). These highly sophisticated surgeries do fail sometimes.  When it goes wrong, it will be a fall from zenith to the nadir within a blink of an eye. Here is the story of Michaela Romanini whose career has plummeted ever since a failed liposuction.  

In here we will be discussing the story of  Michaela Romanini, the name which was doing rounds on the social media. Michaela Romanini was an Italian socialite just like Paris Hilton. She was as famous Hilton in the United States, but things got a turn around when she had undergone an excessive number of facial surgeries. Here is a video of hers before undergoing a series of fresh plastic surgeries.

She was beautiful, attractive and a smart lady in her late 20's when the mishap happened. The video clearly depicts her change over the years. She was pretty much addicted to liposuction surgeries, Till date, she has undergone around 75+ surgeries just on her lips. 


Michaela Romanini Before and After Plastic Surgery Images

Michaela Romanini began experimenting with plastic surgery at her tender age. She started doing it all because of the greed for money and position. She enjoyed all the glam and glitz of being a socialite for quite some time but her destiny was something different. She has gone into the history books as a victim of failed plastic surgery stories. 

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Stormy Daniels Passes The Lie Detection Test

Veteran pornstar Stormy Daniels backs her claims of unprotected sex with the US president Donald Trump after passing a polygraph test. The reports of the polygraph tested conducted on 2011 was made available to leading US paper and visual media on Tuesday.

stormy daniels

Stormy first made her claims of unprotected sex with the president in an interview given by her for a magazine in 2011. The lie detection test was also done subsequently, the reports of the test were kept secret or never disclosed by the magazine. As per the report he shared her bed with Trump on 2006 which was 1 year after trump get married to Melania. The office of the president denied the issue outrightly.  Here are the few interesting facts behind the issue which got surfaced again on the internet.

A copy of the confidential report said Stephanie Clifford, which is the legal name of Ms. Daniels, took the polygraph examination on 19 May 2011.

The test, analyzed by a computer algorithm, was developed in a physics laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.
  • According to the polygraph examination, Ms. Clifford responded "yes" to the following questions.
  • Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?
  • Around July 2006 did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?
  • Did Trump say you would get on The Apprentice?
The test concluded that Ms. Clifford was truthful about the issues which surfaced on the internet recently. 

Polygraph tests are never admissible before the court and she or anyone cannot go against the POTUS with the test reports. 

Ms. Clifford is currently suing the POTUS and his lawyer Micheal Cohen. Mr. Cohen has said he paid Ms. Clifford $130,000 out of his own money to remain silent.

Hip Hop Star Cardi B Teeth Before and After Images

America has been a paradise for hip-hop lovers. Over the years, it has generated a decent number of rappers. Belcalis Almanzar known by her stage name, Cardi B is the newest addition to the list of hip-hop stars. Cardi B has been making waves in the music industry for some time. What makes Cardi B special? In America, if you are a hip-hop singer and a wannabe then you will have to do something different. Cardi B has caught the attraction by her fierce attitude and no filter Instagram account. Cardi B came into limelight through VH1's " Love & Hip Hop". As of now, Cardi B is listed as a decent women rapper tailing behind Nicki Minaj

cardi  b hot photos

Cardi B is the new sensation on Internet, do you know the reason for it? If not, here it is She used to have a pair of broken teeth and was not so confident while smiling. After getting the much-needed attention she fixed it with the help of dentist Dr. Castrine Austin. Here are the before and after images of Cardi B Teeth.

Cardi B Teeth Before and After Images 

We have to pat on her back for bearing all social media attacks. As a celebrity, you will get used to attacks of this level. Cardi B's decision to fix her teeth is paying off well. People who have criticised her earlier are now appreciating for what she did. 

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Is Jude Demorest black ? Jude Demorest Race, Ethnicity

Jude Demorest, one of the most buzzed names in the Hollywood. Jude Demorest is one among the list of the unfortunate models whose race was often questioned on the internet. Is Jude Demorest Black? is the most popular one among the many. In here we will be clearing off all your doubts regarding Jude Demorest's race. Yes, Jude Demorest is a half black and half white. It is not fair to ask and distinguish them according to their races, we strongly contempt any such actions against anyone.

Jude Demorest Race

Jude Demorest Race - Is She Black? 

Jude is an American born Actress, Singer, Songwriter and model who is well known for her roles in Dallas, Star and many others series. She was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 11, 1992.  Jude started her career as a background dancer in multiple shows and movies. She came to the frontline through 2009  series History of made up things.

Unknown About Jude Demorest 

1. Demorest was auditioned about 10 times before joining Daniels. I.e., She never way into the Daniels, she tried and worked hard for Daniels, and it paid off well. In each audition, she was asked to do different things which as a rookie was difficult but she somehow adjusted and made it through. 

2. Demorest has a contract with L.A. Reid & co-Wrote the Fifth Harmony Hit ‘Work From Home’. She shifted to Los Angeles from her home city Detroit at the age of 16 for building her career in Music. During her initial days, she worked as a dancer and singer. 

3. Jude Demorest is Married.  - Jude Demorest is married to songwriter and producer Ammo, who is one of the co-writers of " Work from home" music album.

We are attaching a controversial interview of hers on Fox channel. You can go through it and decide on your own.


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Learn GK for XAT, SNAP, TISSNET and IIFT 2017 with Handa Ka Funda

Cat 2017 will be done and dusted by Nov 26, 2017. It's high time to put your head down and start preparing for General Knowledge for other management entrance examinations like IIFT, XAT, XGMT, and SNAP. Over the years many competitive examinations have included GK as one of its evaluation criteria alongside with reasoning ability and quantitative ability.

Well, like every aspirant who was appearing for other major management entrance exams like IIFT, TISSNET, XAT, I too had confusion on how to start preparing for the General Knowledge section from scratch. Like everyone else, I too relied on Google and Quora for suggestions. Well, to my surprise after an hour-long search, I was able to shortlist a fistful of cheap online courses. The next task before me was to select the one I needed, so I started digging deep into each program. To my surprise, I found a program run by Mr Ravi Handa ( founder of Handa Ka Funda ), before getting into anything on the program, it will be unwise if I haven't said anything about him. Mr Ravi Handa is one of the prominent names in Cat training for over a decade. I guess if you are a serious CAT aspirant you might have heard about his flipped classroom model program for the Common admission test conducted by IIM's. Ravi Handa is a well-known name amongst IIM aspirants, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur where he studied a dual-degree in computer science. He currently runs an online CAT coaching course Handa Ka Funda.

GK For XAT 2017

Handa Ka Funda GK for XAT 2017 - Contents 

Let's see what's in the GK program by Ravi Handa. As of now, the GK program is priced at Rs 499/-. Well, the main question is what's in it? What will you get at this price? Here is the list of contents which you will get access to once you subscribe to the program.

Fotopedia – Video Tutorials: Factopedias are video lectures on recent events ( National and International). In those videos, we get to see Ravi sir analyzing every event with a view of a potential question setter.

Business Awareness: This section primarily helps you with your IIFT preparations. This part consists mostly of documents covering critical business events, company heads, acquisitions and other significant business-related information.

Static General Knowledge: Well, this is one of the most critical section for some of the major management entrance as well as government job exams like SSC CGL, CHSL. So this section will also help you with other examinations as well.

Monthly Current Affairs: Basically it is a PDF document which consists of 30 - 35 questions covering most important events of the month.

Past Year Papers: Subscribers can get access to the previous year questions of IIFT, XAT, and SNAP for taking your preparation to the next level.

 Handa Ka Funda GK Final Verdict 

If you are planning to prepare for some of the most coveted MBA entrances like XAT and IIFT, I recommend subscribing to an Online GK program for staying abreast of the events happening around you. There are hundreds of online courses available for any topics on earth, well selecting the best of the courses has become a tedious task. So, it is always advisable to go with someone who has got immense experience in the field, and I believe Ravi sir's expertise will help you get through some of the exams mentioned.   

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