Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth

 Kendra Wilkinson is a TV show anchor, model, author and business women. Kendra Wilkinson is known for dating 90 years old Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner is the CEO and founder of Playboy magazine. Currently, Kendra Wilkinson net worth is estimated about 6million dollars. Kendra Wilkinson was born to a family of Russian and Irish descent. Her father and mother got divorced at an age of 8 years. She started her modeling career 18, in the earlier days she was paid low but eventually she became the most hottest women in the industry. Kendra Wilkinson was one among the three girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, she later moved out from Play boy mansion when she met his future husband Hank Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth
During her career, she showed her face in various popular music and tv shows like Akon's Smack that album, TV series like Entourage and Las Vegas. Kendra Wilkinson is currently working on her own reality show named Kendra. The program is all about her life and how she met Hank Baskett. According to the official stats Kendra Wilkinson net worth about 6 million dollars. She earns about 2 million dollars annually. 

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