Irrfan Khan Net Worth Forbes

Irrfan Khan is the only the few Indian actors who had the chance to show his face on Hollywood movies. Irrfan khan was able to the part of academy award winning movies PI and Slumdog Millionaire. Irrfan Khan is considered to be the one of the most talented actors in Bollywood film industry. Irrfan Khan recently appeared in the latest edition of Jurassic Park. The movie eventually grabbed a whopping amount as box office collection. According to the stats published by Forbes magazine Currently Irrfan Khan net worth is estimated about 50 million dollars ( 300 crore in Indian Currency ). 

Irrfan Khan net worth

Even this fame and worthiness, Irrfan khan is never reluctant to act in small movies. He looks for the value and tries to improve the face of Indian film industry among the westerners. 48 years old Irrfan was born to a poor family in Jaipur, India. His father fed his family by doing tire business. Irrfan khan came into the acting scenario through small tv serials like Chanakya.  The Warrior movie ( British Movie ) directed by Ashish Kapadia was the turning point for Irrfan Khan. Irrfan was critically acclaimed for his performance on Kapadia's The Warrior. 

Irrfan Khan Net Worth: 300 Crore INR ( 50 million $ )

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