Jessica Henwick GoT Actress Biograhpy, Hot HD Wallpapers

Jessica Henwick is the first east Asian actress to play a lead role in British television series. She was born on August, 1992. Henwick was born and brought up in Surrey, England to a Chinese mother and an English father. Jessica Henwick was announced for the lead role of BO for BBC television show Spirit Warriors. After her appearance as the lead character in Spirit Warriors, she showed her face in numerous tv series. In 2015, Jessica Henwick was casted as Nymeria Sand in HBO tv series Game of thrones. She was accompanied by Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and Oscar nominee Keisha Castle Hughes. In 2015 she was casted as Jessica Pava in Star Wars: The force awakens. Check out Jessica Henwick hot photos and wallpapers.

Jessica Henwicks Hot Wallpapers GoT

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