Vanessa Marcil Net Worth

Vanessa Marcil, 48 years old American TV personality who entered into American households and into the homes of world audience through her performances. Vanessa Marcil was born in California on 1968, October 15, Vanessa Marcil is her stage name her original name is Sally Vanessa Ortiz. Vanessa Marcil was listed among the list of  top 20 hottest women in 2005 by Maxim. She is known for her Philanthropic activities, she donates a huge amount of money every month.

Vanessa Marcil Net Worth

She set the stage on fire during her peak times, i.e between 1994 and 2003. During this phase, she was listed for various awards and had won few awards. Vanessa Marcil's major milestones include best actress, best supporting actress, hottest women and much more. Current reports stats that Vanessa Marcil net worth about 2 million dollars. The stats on Vanessa Marcil net worth was published by Forbes magazine in 2015. 

Vanessa Marcil Net Worth : 2 Million $

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