Gucci Mane Net Worth

Well today, the question before us is How much is Gucci Mane Net Worth? Don't worry we are the Raiderz Media and we have answers for everything within our reach. Radric Davis better known by his stage name Gucci Mane is an American rap star best known for his debut duet album Trap house. Radric Davis or Gucci Mane was born in Alabama to a single parent/mother.  Over years, Gucci Mane has grown to some with a net worth of about 15 Million ( IN Dollars ). 

Gucci Mane Net Worth 

Gucci was a talented kid, and he used to write rhymes at the age of 15. It took 10 years for Radric daves to be known as Gucci Mane. One of the songs in Mane's first album Trap House was a duet done by Mane and hip-hop artist Young Jeezy. Once the song went viral, dispute between the two for the rights of the song coursed rifts between Jeezy and Mane. Gucci Mane is known for his violent behaviour and luxurious life. In 2006, he was assaulted by a group of armed men, which ended up in a gunfight. One of the gang members was killed during the fight, Gucci Mane net worth saved him for the first time, but it didn't in the second time. 

Gucci Mane Net Worth : $15 Million 


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