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LICMerchant Login Page: How To

Life Insurance Corporation of India, is a state-owned insurance company with headquarters in Mumbai. LIC is known to be the first ever insurance company in India, it was started in the year 1956 with the vision to provide financial services like life insurance, health insurance, mutual funds and investments. Over years, the Life Insurance Corporation of India developed and extended its network throughout the country. As of now LIC is listed among the top industries providing job opportunities in India. After the takeover of modern technologies started in the mid 90's, most of the documentation and data entry works has been converted online. LIC plays an important role in stabilizing Indian economy and GDP growth. Currently, India is in the 8th position for GDP growth, this symbolises how Life Insurance corporation of India played a great role in structuring one of the safest economies. 


Life Insurance Industry came into the act after the Indian government passed "life insurance of India act" in 1956. The company originally started on June 19, 1956. Life Insurance Corporation of India is now standing with a net worth of about USD $ 54,400. Company's profit alone stands at a whopping 3.3k million dollars which makes LIC as one of the most profitable state governed industry. Life Insurance Corporation of India played a wonderful role in harnessing Indian economy to a greater extent and it also contributed 7% of country's GDP.The corporation has got about 5.7 million policies and about 25,000 offices around India.

LIC Merchant | www.licindia.in login

Since everything has gone online, LIC had also made things simpler by incorporating online facility. Let's now check out how to register for any LIC scheme. This step by step will help in filling the registration form online.

1) First of all open any search engines like google, bing, etc and search for LIC India, or else type "www.licindia.in" on the address bar.

2)   "www.licindia.in" is the official website of Life Insurance Corporation of India.

3) The website will be having different options like Home, Media Room, Tenders, NRI Centre, Glossary, Associates, Feedback, FAQ, Grievances, Sitemap, Privacy Policy and Sign UP. 

4) If you are a new customer, go through Sign Up option and fill up the required details.
5) After reviewing the application and submitting you will be asked to check your mail id for the activation link.

6) In order to activate your account, you have to go through the specified link on your email id.

7) Once you have activated your account, you will be provided with different set of policies. Find the policy according to your requirement. 

LICMerchant helps you in finding the best suitable policies according to your needs. Online method of applications reduces the wastage of time and money.

LICMerchant Login 

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