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Vava Suresh is a snake charmer, well known in Kerala (India), but above all, a lover of these animals over the years he had worked to save some of the most venomous and deadliest reptiles. According to an unofficial report, Vava has already saved over 30,000 snakes till now. Vava Suresh is known as "snake man" in Kerala. 

Vava Suresh Wiki, Biography

Suresh was born in a poor family, His perception to snake was different from other people; he considers them to be gentle and loving animals in need of protection and kindness from humans. "Snakes are part of my life since I was a child," he explains. "As a child I saw people brutally killing snakes"

Let's now have a look Vava Suresh's biography. Actually Vava Suresh's original name is just "Suresh". 41 years old Suresh is  known to us by his nickname " Vava Suresh ". He is believed to have captured about 30,000 snakes and was bitten 300 times. He has been on ventilator and ICU for about numerous times. Vava is infamous for his nature conserved mentality, he collects and preserves eggs of endangered species till the hatching period. Vava is known to have captured his first cobra at the age of twelve. 

In 2012,  Kerala government acknowledged him by providing a job offer at Kottur forest area and he simply rejected the offer, saying that he would be unable to help the society like he's doing now. During his long career of snake charming and conserving natural habitats, he has encountered numerous accidents. Vava Suresh latest accident was on 20 June 2015 where he was bitten by a cobra. Vava is beleived to be one of the most influential personalites in Kerala, and he is also well known for his philanthropic works.

Over time, Suresh has studied the behavior of snakes and has learned how to " ", without risk to them or himself, even in the case of the most dangerous snakes. Now the man's cell phone rings constantly: whenever a snake is spotted, people call him. And not only friends and acquaintances, but also, police and fire departments regularly using his help.His work, however, is not without risks over time was bitten more than 260 times by poisonous snakes, but it eventually became an advantage, having developed in this (dangerous) way antibodies against them snake venom.

Vava Suresh is currently doing an exclusive program on snake catching on a Malayalam news channel named " Kaumudi TV", it is one of the most viewed and rated show on the channel. This program was able to create awareness on snakes.  

If you are in any kind of danger you can contact vava suresh through his cell phone number. 

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