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Bhogali Bihu 2016 - Wishes, Images, Wallpapers And Greetings

In assam, Makar Sankranti festival has different names, Magh Bihu in assam is celebrated as Bhogali Bihu 2016Bhogali Bihu 2016 marks the end of the harvesting season. Bhogali bihu or bihu is the sankranti festival in Assam. The main attraction of the festival is feasting and bonfires, The feasting during bihu 2016 may last for a week. People gather around bonfires during night and sings bihu songs. Youngesters of Assam erect bamboo huts using leaves and bamboo sticks. Bihu festival 2016 is also associated with famous bihu games such as buffalo fight and tekeli bhonga or else pot breaking. Bhogali Bihu 2016, the word bhogali comes from eating and enjoyment. Bhogali Bihu marks the end of harvesting festival, since it is the end of harvesting festival, the granaries will be full and it will a day of feasting. People during bihu festival exchange sweets and greetings. Today in here we are going to share few bhogali bihu 2016 wishes, bhogali bihu 2016 images, bhogali bihu songs, and some bhogali bihu games. Bohaag Bihu festival falls in the middle of April month or in the month of Baisakh which is the month of the regional calender of Assam. The Bohaag Bihu is also known as the new year for Assam. 

Bhogali Bihu 2016 SMS Wishes And Quotes In Assamese

> Hakoluloi Rangoli Bihur hiya bhara ulog janalu 
> Rangoli Bihu aru natun basarer suvessa thakil
> Laru, pitha, doi sira lagat alap gur / Bohag Bihu thakak ananda bharpur 
> Kopu phul fulie gasar dalat, / Keteki fulile vanot, / Natun basar ahile, / Bihu Bihu lagile manot
> Apunalok xkoloke bohag bihur hiya bhara olag janalo
> Bihuti ahise, dhul pepa bajise, birikhe holaise paat, bihu bihu lagise gaat
> Sakaluloike jonaishu Rongali Bihur Subhessa

Bhogali Bihu 2016 Greetings/ Wallpapers/ Images

Bhogali Bihu 2016 Greetings

 As a brand new year, you get accompanied by dances and feasts,And you get your year ahead full of fresh starts and blessings..Happy Bihu — Rongali Bihu!
B -Bond of LOVE
I -Icon of Assam
H -Humanity
U -Unity
That is our BIHU, our soul….wish U all a Happy Rongali 

Bihuti ahise atikoi senehor mugare mekhela atikoi senehor maku,
tatukoi senehor rongali bihuti napati kenekoi thaku.
Bihur hiya bhora Subhessa jonalu.Happy Bohag bihu 2016

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