Google Gravity Underwater Mr Doob Trick

Google is not always serious with searches, it often gets funny. Here are some of the best-known google gravity tips in 2015. Google has got various types of entertainment stuff, google gravity is one among them. Under google gravity, there are few more like Google anti-gravity, Google Gravity Underwater, Google zero gravity and much more. In order to prank your friends you have to be stay connected with the internet.  Today in here we will be providing you a detailed knowledge on how to use Google gravity underwater. 

Google Gravity Under Water 

As the name says, Google Gravity in Aqua mode is the very own Google Gravity Under Water. Don't you want to know how to prank your friends with Google Gravity Under water, well then follow the instructions clearly to perform Google Gravity Under Water. In google gravity under water, when we tap the screen, ripples are formed as like a stone thrown to a pond.Once you tap the screen, the google logo and the search bar goes hay wire. Here is how it looks when you does a google gravity under water trick. 

Perform Google Gravity Under Water Trick : Link

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