Sankranthi Muggulu Designs with Dots and Chukkalu

Few days ago, I have shared few Sankranthi Muggulu designs with chukkalu for Makar Sankranthi 2016. Today I thought of sharing few more Rangoli designs with dots. Drawing rangoli in front of house during any auspicious occasion is considered to be sacred. Rangoli is known in different names in different states. Today in here I will share few Rangoli designs with dots for Hindu Newyear 2016/Makar Sankranthi 2016.  Rangoli patterns shared today are monochrome type joined with dots. Some of the designs showed here are easy while some are quite difficult, anyway it worth a try. You can try making rangoli designs yourself by making use of our rangoli patterns. 

Rangoli Designs with Dots

This one is quite tough because it looks overcrowded with many dots. This rangoli designs uses complex geometry for making patterns in square. Practice this rangoli designs with dots, because practice makes a man better. 

Rangoli Designs with Dots

Difficulty : Complex

The above rangoli design is more difficult when compared to the earlier one. It contains many complex geometry figures in it. In this rangoli pattern, dots are joined to make complex structures. This pattern is has an octagon shape, we all loves to make flower shape patterns. Next Rangoli desing with dots will be lot more easier than these. 

Rangoli Designs with Dots
Difficulty : Easy 

Rangoli pattern shown above is quite easy compared to the ones shown above. This design contains 4 lotus placed opposite to each other. Lotus rangoli pattern is made by joining the points. This can either be colorful or monochrome. 

Rangoli Designs with Dots

Difficulty : Beginner

This is one of the simplest muggulu desings with chukkalu / Rangoli desings with dots for makar sankranthi 2016. All you have to do is put dots horizontally and vertically, then join the dots according to the image show above. Even though this rangoli pattern is simple to make it looks beautiful when complete. 

Rangoli Designs with Dots

Difficulty : Moderate 

This is one of the best and simplest lotus rangoli designs with dots. All you have to do is mark the dots accordingly. 

Hope you all loved reading my new post on Rangoli designs with dots. These are some of the best rangoli designs which can also be used for competitions. Subscribe us and stay tuned for more updates on Makar Sankranthi 2016 and Sankranthi muggulu designs. 

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