Papa John Schnatter Net Worth

John Schnatter or Papa John is an American Bussinessman, founder, CEO and spokesman for PAPA John's International. It was in the late 80's when John Schnatter found his company, PAPA John. Schnatter was born in  Indiana on November 23, 1961, and he was graduated from Jeffersonville High School. John Schantter did his masters in business from Ball State University.Well you may be confused on How much is John Schnatter Net Worth

john schnatter net worth

How Much is John Schnatter Net Worth ?

According the reports, John Schnatter's Papa John's Pizzas worth about 600 million US dollars. Schnatter's net worth was accumulated from about 4000 pizza outlets which are spread across 50 states over 30 countries. John started his company John's pizzas in the year 1984, back then he used to take and deliver the orders. Schnatter describes his success as "17 year overnight success story". Today Papa John has about 20,000 employees and over 1.1 billion US dollars as annual turnover. 

John Schnatter Net Worth : $ 600 Million

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