How To Conduct Pregnancy Test With Your Mobile Phone

Aren't you surprised after hearing the title ? I'm sure you may be thinking is it even possible to test pregnancy rates with the help of a smartphone. Well, the technology is advancing, so the things are getting easier day by day. Few people plans there social life accordingly so that it doesn't overlap with the birth of a newborn. These people often takes preventive pills or use condoms before having sex. Well if you have forgot any of the preventive measures and worried of pregnancy, this article would help you to check whether you are pregnant or not. 

First of all conducting pregnancy test with the help of smartphone sounds weird right. This article gives you how to conduct it safely. I won't suggest you to use the method frequently as this is not scientifically proved or anything. 

Pregnancy Test with a Mobile Phone

Well here is the step by step explanation on how to conduct a pregnancy test using a smartphone. As of now, this technology is available only with Blackberry handsets. To conduct pregnancy test with your phone, for blackberry users just dial **18p# send and place it on the woman’s belly and wait for a few seconds, you will definitely see the screen of your phone with the following displaying boldly.

B+0.1 Which means one week pregnant
B+0.2 Which means two weeks pregnant
B+ CL3 Which means three weeks pregnant
B+1 Which means one month pregnant 
B+2 Which means 2 months pregnant

I don't suggest you to blindly trust this method as it is not scientifically proven. But for a quick use this method may come handy. Always contact concerned person to check whether you are pregnant or not. 

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