Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Butt and Breast Implant

Onika Tanya Maraj or better known  as Nicki Minaj has reached into stardom in a short span of time, do you know her life before becoming a wonder star ? Don't you want to see how she looked before and after getting surgeries ?

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery, Butt and Breast Implant

For people who are saying Nicki haven't done any plastic surgeries please have a look at her debut and her current appearance. If we are comparing her old photos and the recent ones, it is quite obvious that she had done a boob job. In some photos, Nicki new breast appears much bigger and fuller than before; it indicates that she is possibly having breast implants.

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Again, when comparing her earlier photos with most recent one's we can suspect she had done a butt implant too. If we are observing the before and after plastic surgery images given below, it is obvious that she was having a smaller back – and the new butt appears much bigger and tighter than it used to be.

Nicki Minaj Before and After Plastic Surgery Images

Nicki Minaj Breast Implant Before and After 

Nicki Minaj Butt Implant Before and After 

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After Images 

The above shown image makes us suspect that she had undergone a rhinoplasty after becoming  a star. Well, looks don't matter she is a pure talent for sure. 

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