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Action Hero biju is an upcoming malayalam movie starring Nivin Pauly. Action hero biju has got several speciailities, it is going to be the first movie of Nivin in 2016 and first after Premam. Premam was able grab attention of even bollywood, Nivin with his chocolate face has grabbed hearts of millions all over India. So, this can be reflected even in the first day box office collection of Action Hero Biju.

Action Hero Biju has got several good songs, out of which few were released right before the release of movie. Pookal Panineer Pookkal song from the movie has hit the list of top 10 songs for the

action hero biju box office collection

There is one another speciality too, Jerry Andrew who made the evergreen song ( Ayiram Kannumayi ) is back to malayalam movie industry after a long time.

Movie : Action Hero Biju
Music : Jerry Andrew
Lyrics : Santhosh Verma
Cast    : Nivin Pauly

Pookkal Panineer Pookkal Lyrics :- Action Hero Biju 

Pookkal panineer pookkal... neeyum kaanunundo...Eenam kilithan eenam... neeyum kelkunundo..Vannu naam randaalum.. iru vazhiye ivide vare Porenam nee koode.. ini ozhukaam oru vazhiye. .Pookkal panineer pookkal... neeyum kaanunundo

Ee.. vazhiye varum naru mazhayum ila veyilum
Ee vani muzhuvan hima maniyum.. ila pozhiyum
Ithu vazhi poyeedum rithu palathennalum
 Ithu vazhi poyeedum rithu palathennalum

Maanasamaaken nammal neyyum vasantham

Pookkal panineer pookkal... neeyum kaanunundo...
Ven pani mathi than puzha ozhukum vazhiyarikil
 Poo mukikalaam kilikalumaay kadha parayaan
Chuvadukal onnakum priya thara sanjaaram..
Chuvadukal onnakum priya thara sanjaaram...

Ee vazhi neele thaalam pookkal chelodee..
Thookuvathaaro... paaloli pole...
Thookuvathaaro... paaloli pole...

Pookkal panineer pookkal... neeyum kaanunundo...
Vannu naam randaalum iru vazhiye ivide vare
 Porenam ne koode.. ini ozhukaam oru vazhiye..
Pookkal panineer pookkal... neeyum kaanunundo...

Pookkal Panineer Pookkal Song Download 

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