KRA/ PAYE Kenya Tax Calculator

As the financial year is inching closer day by day, you may be worried on how to calculate your KRA and PAYE tax. In this article we will help you with KRA itax and PAYE tax. You can follow the link given in this article for calculating your KRA itax and PAYE tax for the year 2015-16 and 2016-2017. Wingubox Payroll is an ideal solution to your tax calculation, it is believed to be the most progressive and accurate KRA/PAYE tax calculator. Wingubox kra tax calculator is a paid tool for tax calculation. If you want to have a trial version, just go to the website and download the 30 day trial version.

KRA iTax Calculator 2017

KRA iTax Calculator Online : Click Here

Wingubox KRA Tax Calculator : Click Here

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