Renegades Remilia Transgender League of Legends

Remilia is going to be the first transgender women to playing in the history league of legends. This is how Remilia is going to be with Renegades, let me explain how. If you are a guy who doesn't follow professional gaming , here's how it works.
During each off season two teams from the Challenger series (think of this as the minor leagues) get the chance to play into the LCS (think of this as the big leagues, like the NBA, NFL, etc.).  One such team this year was the Renegades which features Maria “Remilia” Creveling, a lauded Thresh player, at support.  Creveling is a transgender female and, if she stays with the team, will be the both the first female and transgender player to compete professionally in League of Legends 
There are many people who doesn't know who is remilia and there is another category of people who never believes what they hear. Today in here we are up with some proofs for those " people who never believe things they hear "

Renegades Remilia Transgender Proof

Here is some of the images which make you believe that Remilia was the first transgender women to play in a professional gaming league.  Remilia has already left Renegades earlier this month stating due to personal reasons. 

We will not be able to see Remilia any time soon on any of the big gaming platforms. 

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