Lily Wachowski Transgender Transformation Makes First Appearance

The matrix trilogy fame actor Andy Wachowski made his first ever appearance after undergoing a transgender transformation. He himself has changed his named to Lily Wachowski " followed by her sister Lana Wachowski ". The director accepted the award for best drama series  for Netflix " Sense ".  Glaad media awards is the first ever stage meet for the director. Lily took this as an opportunity to express his views, here is a small extract from her speech.

 "Being transgender, my whole life I've hid. So, I'm going against every instinct, every fiber in my being now, being here and talking about my trans-ness, but I have to," she said. "I have to because people are dying."

 Here is the video of Lily Wachowski on his first appearance as transgender.

Download Video : Link

Wachowski's before and after Transgender Transformation

Lana Wachowski before and after transformation

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