Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Singer Betty Idol Transgender ?

Is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Singer Betty Idol transgender or not ? This question has been trending over social medias for a while, so we thought of clearing of your doubts.

Some of you may have never heard about her, but i guess few of you guys reading this may know her. Before getting started deep into the topic, let me give you a brief introduction about Betty Idol. If you are watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta you may know her.

Betty Idol is a 26 years old hip hop singer hailing from Houston, TX. She is a rising singer who is earning about 1,00,000 $ for featuring in the VH1 program Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The real discussion is about Is betty idol transgender ?

Is Betty Idol Transgender ? 

So the real question here is betty idol a man ?

No, Betty Idol isn't a transgender. Betty is very close to D. Smith, a transgender Grammy winning musician. Betty is best known for her work on the 2 Chainz song "Blue Dolphin". Idol also is also featured on "Thug Cry" a song she did with rapper Rick Ross. Speaking of Rozay, Love & Hip Hop Miami is in the works.

Recently Betty Idol's nationality was questioned for no reason. She is actually a colombian and black.

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