Scrapp Delon 2016 News, Instagram and Girl Friend

Before getting started let me give you a brief introduction about Scrapp deleon, if you are not aware of him. Scrapp deleon came into limelight with the show :" Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Scrapp deleon ( Will Cortez Robinson ) acts as the son of Karen King ( KK King ). Now Scrapp is managing Sas’s career and juggling two women King’s mother Tiarra and his girl Tommie. Scrapp wants both women to get along each other before he reports to jail. In May 2014, Scrapp was arrested for possession of a marijuana. Thereby he was sentenced to 20 years and he'll serve his first five years (starting from March 2016) in jail, and the rest on probation.This one is not his first arrest. He and his mother were arrested for the attempted murder of Sas’ dad, Baines Smith, in 2012. All charges were dropped eventually.

scrapp deleon

Scrapp Deleon 2016

Scrapp deleon will be sentencing his first five years in the jail starting from March 2016. He was arrested for the possession of large quantities of marijuana in the earlier phase of this year. It is not Scrapp's first arrest. In June 2010 he was arrested in Fulton, Georgia county for the possession of a pistol without license, later the charges were dropped. 

Scrapp Deleon Instagram 

You can get connected with Scrapp Deleon through Instagram. He was one of the most active member from the show. You can follow the link given below to follow scrapp deleon on instagram. 

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