D Smith Transgender : Before and After Images

Today in here we will be coming up with profile / bio of another transgender actor. We in here is talking about D. Smith, who is believed to be the first transgender cast member of Love lost and Hip Hop Atlanta. Before getting to know whether D smith is a transgender or not, let's discuss a brief history of her. The grammy winner, best known for writing one of Lil Wayne's  biggest hit is about to join Love Lost and Hip Hope Atlanta. D smith will be the first transgender crew member to be the part of the sensational TV show.

D Smith Transgender Love Lost and Hip Hop Atlanta

D smith came into the field of music by writing songs and producing few music albums. D Smith is known for her writing skills. In 2008, D smith along with Lil Wayne has written a song " Shoot Me Down " which later grabbed grammy award for the best rap album song. His life took a eventful turn when he was transitioned to she. Smith has been transitioning from man to woman for over a year, and recently told fans and followers that the man she had been “was put together with bits and pieces of what society wanted,” but not what Smith knew to be true about herself. Thanks in part to the publicity that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 will bring, D. Smith took to Instagram with a long, moving explanation of how she came to be who.

D Smith Transgender Before and After Images

D smith song after getting transitioned

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