Tyga Ordered to Pay $186,000 to Former Landlord After Leaving Behind 'Hazardous Environmental Waste'

Tyga is in a run to pay taxes, earlier this week Tyga was ordered to pay approximately $186k for leaving behing hazardous environmental waste in a case filed by his former landlord.  F&S Investment Properties brought into legal action against Tyga in March 2016. He was accused of damaging the rented home. The complaint alleged breach of lease, breach of guaranties and waste. Yes, you heard it right waste.

According to the reports gathered online, TYGA reportedly stopped paying rents and abandoned the premises without any notice. The report says, when the landlord came to the house, it was in gross despair, utility bills were unpaid and was left behind with hazardous enivronmental waste which required a professional to clean.

Few months earlier, Tyga's former landlord charged him with a whooping $480K for damages and unpaid rent. The problem was resolved with an out of court settlement of unknown amount. 

Tyga is still to respond to this matter. 

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