Who is Hamza Bendelladj and Why is he Smiling Before Getting Hanged ?

Hamza Bendelladj has recently gone viral on social medias through a photograph of him smiling before getting hacked to death. Well, today in here we will be sharing the reasons why Hamza Bendelladj was smiling when he was about to get hanged by the officials, we will also be sharing Hamza Bendelladj wiki and other important details.

Hamza Bendelladj

Who is Hamza Bendelladj ?

Hamza Bendelladj is a 27 years old Algerian hacker who is in  US custody ( as of now ) for allegedly hacking American banks. As per the reports, Hamza Bendelladj hacked over 200 American banks using a malware named SpyEye which was developed by him. After robbing American banks and other financial institutions, he then gave away the money to African and Palestinian charities. 

What is SpyEye and How is Hamza Bendelladj Related ?

SpyEye is a trojan toolkit co-founded by Hamza Bendelladj for hacking American banks and other financial institutions, it is believed that more than 2 million banking software's were infected by this toolkit.  Bendelladj was arrested from Thailand in 2013 for hacking, copyright infringement, robbing and was extradited to the United States of America in 2013.

Hamza Bedelladj Getting Arrested 

Hamza Bedelladj Death Sentence True or Not ? 

Soon after his arrest, social medias went crazy over cooking stories of his death sentence. One of the most viral stories was a photo of him smiling while he was about to receive his death sentence. This viral story gave him the name " The Smiling Hacker ". Well, the question is Hamza Bendelladj is dead or not ? 

As the news went viral, US official refuted the claims. Federal government of the United States of America sentenced Hamza Bendelladj to 15 years of prison and 3 years of supervised release. During his trial at the court. Hamza Bedelladj admitted his crimes which include the transmission of more than one million spam emails containing strains of SpyEye and related software to computers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of thousands of computers getting infected.

Soon after his arrest, humanitarians all over the world stepped forward to support him. #FreeHamzaBedelladj was trending over twitter and other social medias for a period of time. Well, a crime is a crime, whether it is for any greater good. Hamza Bedelladj still had to complete his 15-years prison for getting a normal life back. 

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