What is ArsenicTV Snapchat Username ?

ArsenicTV, the name may be quite unfamiliar to my readers as it is not a Television channel which airs TV series or any other items of your interest. Well, ArsenicTV is a network which operates through Snapchat, i.e it works only through snap chat app. ArsenicTV is getting popular because they are letting snap chat users select the talent. ArsenicTV works as a startup, it was established in the year 2015. The thing which makes ArsenicTV standout from the rest is the originality of the program. ArsenicTV is also dominating on Instagram with 1 million active followers. 

ArsenicTV Snapchat Name : ArsenicTV

The ArsenicTV.com co-founder, Amanda Micallef set the tone very early on. During one of the company's photoshoots, the photographer had a horrible attitude so Amanda kicked him off the set. Arsenic is all about empowering women and the photographer's attitude did not fall in line with the company's goals. The photographer was under the impression that he would control the way that the models would look but that's not the case at Arsenic.  

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