Homan Square Skybox Shooting Chicago

Conditions of Chicago got worse after the skybox shotting. A man was shot and killed by a police officer outside the Homan square, the incident occurred on Friday night November 25, 2016. The police shot the man after the gunman shot 2 -3 rounds against the two people. The condition of one is fatal and other survived with minor injuries. In 2016, Chicago witnessed a sudden hike in crime rates. We have attached a video report regarding the skybox shooting. August 2016 was the deadliest month in 2016 with 90 dead people and 400 injured due to the violent crimes happened in the city. Organized gang crime is one of the dangerous and fast-growing violent crimes in the city.

Gang members use social media platforms to wage war and challenge other gangs. This weird use of social medias plays a major role in the current escalation of crime rates.While privacy is important, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter must find innovative ways to reduce the interaction on their platforms that leads to violence.

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