Is Jennifer Aniston Born as a Man ?

After a series of transgender rumors on Chanel Westcoast, Julia Stiles, Elijah Wood, the paparazzi media are now focusing on the 47 years old Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. Today in here we will be answering your question Is Jennifer Aniston, a man? Before providing you with a detailed answer let me give introduce Jennifer Aniston to all my readers. Jennifer Aniston is a person who doesn't need any types of introduction.

Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood actress, producer, businesswomen and the only daughter of John Aniston (a popular Greek actor) and American actress Nancy Dow. Jennifer Aniston came into limelight for portraying Racheal Green in the famous sitcom "Friends." Racheal Green grabbed her primetime Emmy award and the golden globe award. The character was later considered among the top 100 strongest female characters of all time. The limelight which came through "Friends" helped her to grab a call from the Hollywood. Over the years, Jennifer Aniston has acted in several movies, some of her box office hits are Bruce Almighty, Marley and Me, Horrible Bosses and We're the Millers. Currently, Jennifer Aniston is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Jennifer is believed to have a total net worth of  $150 million.Men's health magazine has rated her as the sexiest women of all time. Well even after having such a prestigious title, some of the paparazzi media are spreading rumors about her gender. I have seen many people asking whether Jennifer Aniston was born as a baby. Well, this air of confusion has arisen after a youtube video about cloning went viral over the social media.

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Is Jennifer Aniston a Man?

Jennifer Aniston has neither undergone a transgender surgery nor born as a man. I guess you'll know whether Jennifer Aniston is a man or not.  All these confusion arose after the below video went viral on the social media.
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