Top Kenyan Socialites Making Millions Online

Before getting started, let me explain what a "socialite" means. A socialite is a person who has good knowledge in fashion and is quite interested in participating social entertainment activities. In here, we will be sharing some of the top Kenyan socialites who are making millions online every month. A Socialite always tries to get media attention by doing controversial comments and attending parties hosted by millionaires. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashians are one of the most socially active ( socialite ) in the western world. People reading our website do only know about some of the most celebrated western socialites, so we thought of sharing some of the top money making Kenyan socialites.

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Top 5 Riches Kenyan Socialites - Photos, Names, and Gossip

1. Vera Sidika
vera sidika bleaching

Vera Sidika is one of the most googled Kenyan socialites in the year 2016. She came into limelight  in 2012 after appearing in a music video for the song " You Guy ". Vera Sidika is believed to have undergone a surgery and bleaching process. Almost all socialite is expected to do some kinds of surgery for maintaining their curvaceous body. Vera Sidika is currently the richest Kenyan socialite. You may follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for getting latest updates from her.

2.Huddah Monroe 

huddah monroe socialite hot photos

Second on my list of top 5 richest Kenyan socialites is  Huddah Monroe. Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika has introduced the word " Socialite " into the Kenyan youth society. Huddah Monroe who is second to Vera Sidika was able to gain attention from the rest of world. After spreading like a wildfire among Kenyan youth, She acted in a couple of movies too. Huddah Monroe has done plastic surgery on her face and breast implants. You may go through Huddah Monroe before and after photos shared below. 

3. Vanessa Chettle 

Vanessa Chettle often makes headlines in leading Kenyan entertainment news medias for being a simple extreme performance on her social media accounts. She is currently named third among the list of richest socialites. As of now, She is one of the most active socialites in 2016.

4. Corazon Kwamboka 

I guess Corazon Kwamboka doesn't need any type of introduction as we all know the desire and love for her seductive body and huge mammary glands. Corazon Kwamboka is a lawyer by passion and an active socialite by passion. She makes her living by fashion and flaunting her body at parties and in social medias. 

I hope you'll loved my list of richest socialites who makes their living online in Kenya. Subscribe and stay updated for getting more information.

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