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An iPhone or iPad or any other iOS devices are to be jailbroken at some point. There are several reasons why people opt to jailbreak their super cool iOS devices. NoniOS users may laugh at you after hearing the reason, they may even bully you. This condition may lead a person into a state of confusion " whether to jailbreak or not ."

mojo installer

Most of the times, people jailbreak their mobile phones for customizing the home screen, to improve battery performance and much more. Jailbreaking an iPhone may void its warranty and other manual services provided byApple. A jailbroken iOS device will work at its full potential. Today, in here we are in front of you with something unique. This unique Cydia source helps you to download all paid apps from Apple App store at free of cost and without any jailbreak. Yes, you heard it right, it's available at 0 cost and that too without jailbreaking. Let me break the ice, we are talking about Mojo Installer sources which were released a few months ago. There are several reasons why it stands out from the others.

Mojo Installer Key Features 

Mojo installer comes with the state of the art features. As of now, the installer looks promising to me. Here are some of the impressive features of Mojo installer. 

  1. Mojo installer provides CYDIA Store like feature. 
  2. Mojo installer comes with inbuilt security, i.e., your iOS device is going to be free from viruses and bugs.
  3. Mojo installer doesn't stop you from installing other sources and reports.
  4. Mojo installer lets you download emulators of latest gaming consoles like Nintendo 3S, Gameboy and Playstation.
These are some of the features which make Mojo installer to stand out from the crowd. 

Step by Step Procedure to Download Mojo Installer 

To download and install Mojo installer on your iOS, you must have an internet connection with a minimum speed approximately 1 Mbps. One biggest advantage of Mojo installer is that it doesn't need your phone to be jailbroken for downloading emulators, paid apps, and much more. Here is the complete steps to download and use mojo installer.

  1. Open up safari browser on your ios device and type ( official website ). Download the application from the official website. 
  2. Tap install directly for installing the application directly into your iOS device. 
  3. Tap on build custom profile, you will be redirected to "Install profile" page. You can find the install button on the top right corner. Tap on it. 
  4. Now you will be redirected to a page with " install mojo installer" button. Tap on it. 
  5. By confirming the installation procedure you will be redirected to the custom profile page. Sign the profile for continuing the operation.
  6. After finishing the operation tap on done. Go to the home scree you will be having mojo icon on your homepage. Open it and search for any paid apps. It will be your genie from now onwards. Shoot any paid apps, it will make sure that you get 

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