Anjali Ameer India's First Transgender Actress in Lead Role

South Indian film industry has always brought austere talents from different classes of the society, the former has seen the riches and rags of actors and actress. This time, South Industry which is known for its quality movies, supernatural fights and love scenes have done which requires a standing ovation. India is about to witness her first transgender actress in a lead role. Mollywood needs a standing ovation for the boldness shown to bring forward a transgender actor in a dominant male society where the fundamental rights of transgenders are no match to others. A bright little girl named Anjali Ameer, who hails from the northern parts of Kerala and that too from a conservative Muslim family will become the first ever transgender actress in India to do a lead role in any movie. Another detail which makes her entry a mass is that Anjali will be pairing with none other the biggest famous star of Malayalam Movie Industry which is none other Dr. Padmashree Bharat Mammootty. The movie is named as Peranbu which is originally a Tamil movie, the Malayalam dubbed version of the film will be available.  Now let's dig deeper into the life of Anjali Ameer.

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Anjali Ameer Transgender Story Before and After 

Anjali Ameer who is 21, has undergone the transsexual surgery at the age of 19. This Coimbatore-based model has paved the way for many. Before coming to the big screen, she was selected for a TV series, but the director has dropped her from the crew for being a transgender. She now finds it as lucky to get rejected.

Source: South Live

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