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Well, I guess you all have read the news about a ransomware/virus hitting numerous country a few days back. Apparently it something like a Hollywood coming into reality. NHS, UK was one of the worst hit governmental agencies. In here we will be describing what a ransomware is, What is a wannacry virus, and how to get back your files without paying any ransom.

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So, the answer to the first question, What is Wannacry Virus which was recently in the news?

Wanna cry is known by different names, Wannadecrypt0r, WannaCrypt, and many other similar names. It 's a ransom program which targets a vulnerability in Microsoft windows. The ransomware Wanncrypt0r has infected over 2,30,000 computers globally, the list includes many governmental firms like hospitals, private manufacturing firms like Nissan, Renault, etc. Wannacrypt will encrypt your files and data and asks you to pay ransom for opening up the data. As per the reports, the ransom ranges from 100$ TO 1000$.

Wannacry is believed to use the ExternalBlueExploit which was developed by NSA for attacking computers with Microsoft OS. ExternalBlueExploit was recently available in the darknet. Soon after the spread of the virus, a researcher has found the kill switch which tremendously reduced spurt. It is advised to update your windows OS to the latest version for securing your data and files.

Here is the list of affected organisations.

São Paulo Court of Justice (Brazil)
 Vivo (Telefônica Brasil) (Brazil)
University of Waterloo (Canada)
 PetroChina (China)
Public Security Bureaus (China)
 Sun Yat-sen University (China)
 Instituto Nacional de Salud (Colombia)
 Renault (France)
 Deutsche Bahn (Germany)
Telenor Hungary (Hungary)
 Andhra Pradesh Police (India)[
 Dharmais Hospital (Indonesia)
 Harapan Kita Hospital (Indonesia)
 University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
 Portugal Telecom (Portugal)
Automobile Dacia (Romania)
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Romania)
MegaFon (Russia)
 Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia)
 Russian Railways (Russia)
 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Spain)
 Telefónica (Spain)
Sandvik (Sweden)
National Health Service (United Kingdom)
 Nissan UK (United Kingdom)
 Q-Park (The Netherlands)
 FedEx (United States)

Well, how can you protect yourself from Wannacrypt0r?

Well, there is nothing much you can do if it has already infected your system. If not, Prevention is the best cure. Following are some of the most important tips to be taken care of when you are in a situation like this.
  • Always keep an eye on the emails you are receiving. Never open emails from unknown senders or never download something which looks fishy. Emails are the vectors which carry virus to your computer.
  • Never download or open attachments which look fishy even if it is a text document. Try to avoid those emails.
  • At least for some time use Adblocker, so that you can prevent yourself from clicking popups and banners which may or may not lead to a possible attack on your PC.
  • Update your Microsoft OS to the latest version and do install the prescribed update which they have mentioned on their website. It protects your from Wannacrypt attack. 

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