www.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq Submit Employee Salary Bill - Guide

www.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq or TG DDO website is the latest instalment from the incumbent government. Telangana government employees can download and update their pay bills for their future as well as governmental purposes on telangana.gov.in/ddoreq website for free. In here we will be explaining how to use the website at your own convenience.

After getting divided into two Andhra and Telangana, both the government has come up with respective websites for their government servants. Government servants in Telangana can access their pay bill or submit their paybill through telangana.gov.in/ddoreq website which was inaugurated in the year 2014.  Government employees serving Telangana government can download their pay slip online through using the official website and can access real time statement of their pay roll. One can even check their payslip without even entering the unique username or password. The only thing you need is your STO treasury code or id. STO treasury code or id is basically provided to you through the treasury office.

telangana payslip

HOW TO GET DDO  Salary Slip without Password or Username? 

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh government has come forward with two different websites which help their employees to access their paybill on monthly basis without any hassle. The software designed and developed in Andhra Pradesh under the governance of Andhra government will look after the technical side. The online portal has become a bane for many government servants who never liked to stand in long ques in treasuries for getting their pay slips.  The treasury department of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will maintain all the data and information related to the salaries of their respective employees. The main objective behind a service like this was to reduce to time and money put on it.

For accessing your Paybill details, all you have to do is just log on to the website with your employee id and click on excel report for getting a complete report. You can also print the available report in A4 sheets. An employee can access his/her pay slip details for past 12 months without any problem. He/she can use this copy for submitting his/her income tax form.

Access www.telangana.gov.in/ddreq website 

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