Learn GK for XAT, SNAP, TISSNET and IIFT 2017 with Handa Ka Funda

Cat 2017 will be done and dusted by Nov 26, 2017. It's high time to put your head down and start preparing for General Knowledge for other management entrance examinations like IIFT, XAT, XGMT, and SNAP. Over the years many competitive examinations have included GK as one of its evaluation criteria alongside with reasoning ability and quantitative ability.

Well, like every aspirant who was appearing for other major management entrance exams like IIFT, TISSNET, XAT, I too had confusion on how to start preparing for the General Knowledge section from scratch. Like everyone else, I too relied on Google and Quora for suggestions. Well, to my surprise after an hour-long search, I was able to shortlist a fistful of cheap online courses. The next task before me was to select the one I needed, so I started digging deep into each program. To my surprise, I found a program run by Mr Ravi Handa ( founder of Handa Ka Funda ), before getting into anything on the program, it will be unwise if I haven't said anything about him. Mr Ravi Handa is one of the prominent names in Cat training for over a decade. I guess if you are a serious CAT aspirant you might have heard about his flipped classroom model program for the Common admission test conducted by IIM's. Ravi Handa is a well-known name amongst IIM aspirants, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur where he studied a dual-degree in computer science. He currently runs an online CAT coaching course Handa Ka Funda.

GK For XAT 2017

Handa Ka Funda GK for XAT 2017 - Contents 

Let's see what's in the GK program by Ravi Handa. As of now, the GK program is priced at Rs 499/-. Well, the main question is what's in it? What will you get at this price? Here is the list of contents which you will get access to once you subscribe to the program.

Fotopedia – Video Tutorials: Factopedias are video lectures on recent events ( National and International). In those videos, we get to see Ravi sir analyzing every event with a view of a potential question setter.

Business Awareness: This section primarily helps you with your IIFT preparations. This part consists mostly of documents covering critical business events, company heads, acquisitions and other significant business-related information.

Static General Knowledge: Well, this is one of the most critical section for some of the major management entrance as well as government job exams like SSC CGL, CHSL. So this section will also help you with other examinations as well.

Monthly Current Affairs: Basically it is a PDF document which consists of 30 - 35 questions covering most important events of the month.

Past Year Papers: Subscribers can get access to the previous year questions of IIFT, XAT, and SNAP for taking your preparation to the next level.

 Handa Ka Funda GK Final Verdict 

If you are planning to prepare for some of the most coveted MBA entrances like XAT and IIFT, I recommend subscribing to an Online GK program for staying abreast of the events happening around you. There are hundreds of online courses available for any topics on earth, well selecting the best of the courses has become a tedious task. So, it is always advisable to go with someone who has got immense experience in the field, and I believe Ravi sir's expertise will help you get through some of the exams mentioned.   

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If you have any doubts or opinions regarding the program, please do comment below. We will get back to you soon. Please do subscribe and stay tuned to us for further updates. 

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