Stormy Daniels Passes The Lie Detection Test

Veteran pornstar Stormy Daniels backs her claims of unprotected sex with the US president Donald Trump after passing a polygraph test. The reports of the polygraph tested conducted on 2011 was made available to leading US paper and visual media on Tuesday.

stormy daniels

Stormy first made her claims of unprotected sex with the president in an interview given by her for a magazine in 2011. The lie detection test was also done subsequently, the reports of the test were kept secret or never disclosed by the magazine. As per the report he shared her bed with Trump on 2006 which was 1 year after trump get married to Melania. The office of the president denied the issue outrightly.  Here are the few interesting facts behind the issue which got surfaced again on the internet.

A copy of the confidential report said Stephanie Clifford, which is the legal name of Ms. Daniels, took the polygraph examination on 19 May 2011.

The test, analyzed by a computer algorithm, was developed in a physics laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.
  • According to the polygraph examination, Ms. Clifford responded "yes" to the following questions.
  • Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?
  • Around July 2006 did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?
  • Did Trump say you would get on The Apprentice?
The test concluded that Ms. Clifford was truthful about the issues which surfaced on the internet recently. 

Polygraph tests are never admissible before the court and she or anyone cannot go against the POTUS with the test reports. 

Ms. Clifford is currently suing the POTUS and his lawyer Micheal Cohen. Mr. Cohen has said he paid Ms. Clifford $130,000 out of his own money to remain silent.

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