Story of Michaela Romanini - Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Celebrities these days are pretty much obsessed with plastic surgeries. Well, the industry demands plastic surgery these days. The Kardashians are the biggest examples before us, what a plastic surgery could do to a career (on a positive note). These highly sophisticated surgeries do fail sometimes.  When it goes wrong, it will be a fall from zenith to the nadir within a blink of an eye. Here is the story of Michaela Romanini whose career has plummeted ever since a failed liposuction.  

In here we will be discussing the story of  Michaela Romanini, the name which was doing rounds on the social media. Michaela Romanini was an Italian socialite just like Paris Hilton. She was as famous Hilton in the United States, but things got a turn around when she had undergone an excessive number of facial surgeries. Here is a video of hers before undergoing a series of fresh plastic surgeries.

She was beautiful, attractive and a smart lady in her late 20's when the mishap happened. The video clearly depicts her change over the years. She was pretty much addicted to liposuction surgeries, Till date, she has undergone around 75+ surgeries just on her lips. 


Michaela Romanini Before and After Plastic Surgery Images

Michaela Romanini began experimenting with plastic surgery at her tender age. She started doing it all because of the greed for money and position. She enjoyed all the glam and glitz of being a socialite for quite some time but her destiny was something different. She has gone into the history books as a victim of failed plastic surgery stories. 

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